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About P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd

P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd is a locally owned and operated family-run business offering professional and personalized services at an affordable price. Since our establishment in 1966, the business has stayed with the Scheck family, growing to become an established company and your one-stop solution for electric motor sales and service in British Columbia and Alberta. 


Family-run business large enough to take care of your needs but small enough to deliver efficient and personalized services.

Our History

P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd was established by Paddy Scheck in 1966. Our company’s first location was in the basement of a rental company at 1394 N Cariboo 97 Highway. Then, our company quickly grew over the next couple of years, and it was time to move to a larger facility. A building across the street became available to rent, and P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd moved there in 1969. 


Once again after further growth over the next couple of years, it was time to move, Paddy Scheck purchased land and built a building at 205-A Lear Road in 1971; this is still the home of P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd to this day. Following in his father’s footsteps after graduating from high school, John Scheck started with the company in 1988; Mike Scheck was to follow in 1996. Paddy Scheck owned and operated the company until September 16, 2002, when it was sold to his two sons, John Scheck and Mike Scheck.

Paddy stayed on and operated the company until his retirement in 2008. After taking over the company, John and Mike experienced considerable growth. In the spring of 2011 the building was added onto. This new addition was a game changer for the company; along with the larger structure, new equipment was purchased. This included a large burnout oven, large bake oven, VPI system, test equipment and 5 and 10-ton cranes. The new and larger equipment increased the size of equipment that could be repaired.

In 2016, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary, holding a party and celebrating with over 100 guests. Paddy and Leonore Scheck were in attendance as well as some guests from Paddy’s very first crew.

Unfortunately, on Dec 18, 2017, Paddy passed away at his home. He was very well known to everyone in the community and considered by all to be a really good guy, and he is sadly missed by his family and friends.

Civic Engagement

P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd is proud to be a member of the Quesnel community. Sports provide the foundation for friendly teamwork and improved self-confidence, and we believe in fostering the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Proudly Sponsoring

We also support other local organizations focused on helping others and providing a venue for people to donate their time serving the community. For instance, P. Scheck Industrial Electric Ltd has made a pledge to help fund the North Caribou Multi Centre. Call us to learn more about us.

Outstanding Personalized Service

While we have been growing, we haven’t lost our identity as a family company, providing capable services and working closely with you. We’re large enough to provide professional services, as well as small enough to maintain valuable, long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Serving you with state-of-the-art equipment.

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